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We start working with Todd 25 years ago when they designed a major league baseball web site for Fred.  Web design for retired MLB players was something fairly new. Todd was extremely knowledgeable and talented about web design and how to monetize it. He was also a long time fan of Fred’s and it was an immediate friendship and partnership.

Ever since then, we have been working hand and hand with Crown Marketing on scaling and improving our web site.  We have seen much success from the website and couldn’t have done it without Crown Marketing.  I would 100% recommend them to anyone.

When I first met Todd Farino I had no idea what a blog, a podcast a tweet, or being a social media influencer meant. After a long career and all the supports needed, I was now a newly minted author, an in demand fundraising consultant, and the founder of a very important charitable foundation. I was on my own in a new cyberspace world, in dire need of a social media makeover, and, not one, but two overhauls of two important websites.  I was overwhelmed and over my head until Todd stepped in and gently guided me down a strange new world and took over my digital needs.

To say that Todd is a talented guy who knows his stuff would be an understatement, to say that he is nice guy is vastly lacking in superlatives. Todd is a super duper nice guy, understanding, trustworthy, ethical and kind and it has become abundantly clear that he knows his craft better than most. How lucky I am to say that he is in my corner and has my back.

Todd at Crown Marketing is the man. He does a massive amount of web design for us, and we have a constant stream of updates that we send his way – he’s always responsive and right-on-top of the changes and updates. We hit a few roadblocks in the design process early on, but he was able to find a way around the issues and get us what we are looking for.

He’s always willing to go the extra mile and go above-and-beyond and even help with things outside his normal scope of duty, and as a company Crown Marketing is too. Would totally recommend them for all your web needs!

Jesse Kurrasch, COO, AmeriFlex Group

Crown Marketing is an incredible Marketing, SEO and Web design company.  Michelle Farino is an amazing person to work with!  She is a true veteran in the field of web marketing and is an asset to this industry.  Michelle is a leader in this area and I have learned invaluable lessons from her.  Michelle has launched the redesign of our site with an emphasis on SEO, Blogs and new web content.

Todd Farino, simply put, is the best.  Todd helped us redesign our site by ensuring seamless and clean web design.  His ability to empathize with the end-user and appreciate aesthetics and usability is a must to praise.  Todd is highly creative.  He intuitively anticipated my design needs and the layout of my info in an extraordinary way.  Michelle and Todd Farino truly listen to their clients needs and make magic happen.

Our websites are our lifeline to current and future customers and when something happens to them, you can feel a bit helpless. The good news is that Todd Farino, with Send It Rising, is amazingly responsive.

He cares about your business as much as you and will do what it takes to get any issue addressed… quickly. I consider Todd to be a true partner and you will too.

Crown Marketing is absolutely wonderful to work with! Everyone is so knowledgeable and quick to respond. Michelle gives the greatest advice on how to optimize use of social media for marketing and is always so helpful! Would 100% recommend Crown Marketing for all of your web marketing needs!

John Drennen, Loan Manager, Drennen Home Loans