Maintaining your website is your business. 

WordPress sites pack a punch as the best CMS (Content Management System) websites on the market. Not only are they very affordable, but they have unlimited customization options.  With that said, all sites need proper website maintenance to make sure that they provide customers with a beautiful experience, and that they function as the business intends it to. WordPress sites require updates throughout the year for WordPress, Themes, and plugins.  Sites should also be regularly updated with new content and features and backed up consistently.  Site hacked?  We clean that as well.  A properly maintained site will last much longer and will bring in the revenues expected by the business. Our web maintenance packages start at $99 and are an absolute added value to your website.

“Your web site is your most important salesperson.  Keeping a well maintained web site has to be top on the mind of business owners because having downtime with your web site is tantamount to closing your doors for business.  As web designers we pride ourselves in developing well programmed web sites that are easy to maintain and have 99% uptime.”

– Todd Farino, President & Head Developer

Get a web maintenance package tailored to your site needs.

We don’t want you to pay for services you don’t need with bulky maintenance packages that you don’t need.  We will tailor a specific package with the required hours needed to properly maintain your site and nothing more. With our basic packages starting at $99, we provide affordable solutions.  Whether you just need your sites backend or frontend updated, we have the solutions for you.


Your WordPress site requires expert attention. 

WordPress sites normally need three types of updates; WordPress, themes, and plugins.  When these updates aren’t made in a timely manner, functions on your web site or pages can simply stop working.  With one of our monthly maintenance packages we can make sure that your web site stays up and functioning.  You can keep your site maintained for as low as $99 a month.

Have Hackers?
Has someone cracked your site and added malicious code that you need removed?  Our team will handle this issue for you and remove the virus either under the terms of your tailored web maintenance package or for an hourly rate.


Fresh updated content and products are no sweat. 

Your website is your largest lead generation tool in your business arsenal and like all things in live, should be updated often. whether updates are part of a schedule plan or come up and a moments notice, out development team will get the updates up quickly and without cutting any corners.  We also can add or update products or blogs.  Don’t be that person who builds an amazing web site and then never touches it again.   Add web site updates to your tailored web maintenance package.


We feel your pain. Let our team manage your hosting and email.

Nothing is more critical to your businesses online presence than the hosting of your site and your email administration.  These are headaches businesses shouldn’t have to worry about.  We will setup hosting on YOUR account, not one of our own.  Your email will also be setup on YOUR account.  Let our full stack team host your web site and administrate your email for your company with flawless execution.  Problems arise?  don’t worry.  Our team is not only equipped to handle the job, but has over 20 years of hosting with GoDaddy, Network Solutions, HostGator, and many other hosting services.  Put your trust in our team and your web site worries will go away.


Fast web sites are critical to SEO & user experience.  

Is your web site sluggish or just really slow.  There are many factors that can effect a a web sites speed. While some of those factors can be out of your control, many are within your control.  Don’t allow your customers to be slowed down by your web site and bounce before closing the conversion.  Let us look at your site and we can give you a detailed report on what is slowing your site down and how to fix it.  The first sign that your slow site is killing off sales is your bounce rate.  Speeding up your site will have a dramatic effect on customers staying on the site and that will increase sales. Google PageSpeed Insights matters for SEO ranking, so call us today and let us get your site running at full speed.




Let our vision and designs inspire you to create the web site of your dreams.

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