Linda’s Life

Launched October, 2019.

Redesigning Linda Smith’s website was an absolute delight. With her remarkable achievements in raising over half a billion dollars for Opportunity Village, and her current roles as an author, motivational speaker, and head of the Christopher Smith Foundation, the project held great significance.

The primary focus of the website was to showcase Linda’s services as a motivational speaker and her expertise in fundraising consulting for non-profit organizations. Initially, the site also served as an Ecommerce platform for her first book, but as the sales transitioned to Amazon, we removed that function. Subsequently, with the addition of her second book, Linda continues to utilize the site to raise funds for the Christopher Smith Foundation.

Passion was the driving force behind this site’s design. Through multiple discussions with Linda, we carefully understood her vision and objectives for the website. Our main goal was to present Linda as a powerful and distinguished woman who has led an extraordinary life, making sure the opening page served as a compelling introduction. Every page on the site was crafted to immerse visitors in Linda’s deep passion for the causes she holds dear, creating a captivating and engaging experience.


  • Design Time: 4 weeks

  • Ecommerce Integration

  • Graphic Design

  • Powerful Blog