Moss Berg Injury Law

Launched March, 2023.

This project marked our second collaboration with a rapidly expanding and highly active law firm. When Marcus Berg approached us with his vision for a new, contemporary website design, we worked diligently to fulfill his requirements. The result was a modern and captivating website, designed to engage potential clients and encourage them to delve deeper into the expertise of the firm’s exceptional lawyers.

Our primary focus was on developing a user-friendly UI/UX that not only excelled in terms of SEO, but also displayed flawlessly across all devices, particularly on mobile. To achieve this, we incorporated comprehensive personal injury information presented in an easily comprehensible format, allowing visitors to gain valuable insights directly from the attorneys themselves. Additionally, we integrated Google Reviews and placed a user-friendly contact form at the bottom of each page, adhering to our philosophy at Crown Marketing that every page should effectively promote a product, service, or individual.

Working with Moss Berg was a rewarding experience as we designed a visually striking website reflecting their firm’s growth and prominence in personal injury law in Las Vegas. Marcus and Boyd’s meticulousness in conveying their requirements and providing necessary assets allowed us to deliver a seamless and impressive final product, making this project one of our favorites.


  • Design Time: 8 weeks

  • Powerful UI / UX

  • Graphic Design

  • Powerful Blog