Official Fred Lynn Web Site

Launched January, 2022.

Fred Lynn’s official website has been active since 1999. Initially, I designed a fan site dedicated to my favorite baseball player in 1998. In 1999, Fred Lynn and his family recognized the site’s potential and decided to make it his official web platform. Over the years, we have undertaken multiple redesigns and continually introduced new features.

The website played a crucial role in reconnecting Fred with the Boston Red Sox. Following this, subsequent redesigns prioritized presenting Fred Lynn for corporate outings, speaking engagements, and signing events. The site’s evolution aimed to highlight his professional endeavors beyond baseball.

Our aim was to infuse this website with a combination of flash and elegance, creating a perfect sports formula. To achieve this, we incorporated all of Fred’s career highlights and achievements, alongside an extensive photo gallery and video section. Additionally, Fred’s blog remains consistently updated with his appearances, interviews, and articles relating to his illustrious career.


  • Design Time: 6 weeks

  • Video Integration

  • Graphic Design

  • Powerful Blog