Precision Garage Door

Launched August, 2022.

For more than 7 years, we have been involved in crafting Precision Garage Door websites. During this time, we have played a significant role in shaping and branding the company, having designed 18 franchise location sites. One of our featured projects is the website created for Orange County, California. This design concept was part of a broader initiative, where we overhauled nine sites across Southern California to align with our client’s vision, ensuring brand consistency with both their concept and the established branding of Precision Door.

Our custom site template began with an impactful header that adheres to Precision Door’s standards, complemented by an informative yet clean hero section, delivering essential details to customers. Additionally, we integrated a custom slider featuring location-specific garage door styles for each site. The rest of the site was thoughtfully designed to engage customers, incorporating location maps, forms, and chat boxes to enhance the user interface for prospective clients.

Upon completion, the site emerged as a beautifully branded platform, providing customers with comprehensive information while also meeting Google’s SEO and Schema requirements.


  • Design Time: 5 weeks

  • Custom CSS Coding

  • Branded Design

  • Interactive Locations Map