The Super Nursery

Launched February, 2023.

As an avid gardener myself, designing this site was a lot of fun. The Super Nursery, located in Northern Michigan, offers an impressive selection of trees and plants. Prior to our involvement, the owner was using a self-designed Wix site without eCommerce capabilities, which significantly hindered the efficiency of his business.

Crown Marketing was brought on board, and through several productive meetings with the nursery owner, we developed a clear roadmap for creating the ideal eCommerce website. One crucial feature we aimed to implement was a pickup scheduling system that seamlessly integrated with his Google Calendar. Upon completing the project, the nursery owner was thrilled to have a fully functional eCommerce site showcasing over 135 products.

Overall, it was a rewarding experience to work with The Super Nursery and provide them with a comprehensive solution that streamlined their operations and enhanced their online presence.

This website prioritized captivating colors and images to create an experience akin to being in the nursery. With a focus on making potential customers feel comfortable, personalized elements were carefully incorporated to strike the right balance of familiarity and professionalism. Carefully selecting earthy colors added a warm touch, fostering a sense of comfort and connection with nature, perfectly aligning with the nursery’s essence.


  • Design Time: 5 weeks

  • Ecommerce Integration & Solutions

  • Graphic Design

  • Custom Coded Pickup Scheduling