Tottori Allergy & Asthma

Launched August, 2020.

Redesigning Dr. Tottori’s site was a prestigious opportunity, given his prominent standing as the leading allergy doctor in Las Vegas, with a record of accolades in the allergy and asthma domain. The project demanded strict adherence to medical compliance, a goal we successfully accomplished.

To reflect his medical identity, the site was meticulously branded with his logo colors and featured a slider header for monthly announcements. The main emphasis was on the custom appointment forms, catering to 8 distinct service areas. Our aim was to create an informative and robust platform that guides prospective patients through the various services and seamlessly directs them to the appropriate appointment forms.

Considerable emphasis was placed on showcasing Dr. Tottori’s achievements and his esteemed associates. When a physician has served and achieved as much as Dr. Tottori, it is imperative to make this information readily available. Furthermore, with two locations in Las Vegas, we ensured a robust focus on both facilities to effectively cater to the entire valley.


  • Design Time: 4 weeks

  • Instagram Integration

  • Graphic Design

  • Powerful Blog